Jeets Community

Jeets, we jeet at 2x, Jeet Club" - Imagine us as a club of fun-loving, super speedy friends. Our first rule? Never admit you're a 'jeet.' Just wait till we're going 50 times faster than normal, then you can start joking about how you wish you'd held back and not rushed so much!


Jeets: Absolutely Zero Utility, Infini-Jeet Possibilities!.

You can't wait to jeet it.



Jeets NFTs: Where Picassos doodles meet cat memes in a dance of digital nonsense! Own a piece of absolutely nothing, with the magnificence of Jeets Token. All aboard the pointless express! oh yeah, we will airdrop some tokens to the NFT holders. we know you love free tokens.

Mint NFT

Do you want to Stake ? You need to have a Jeet NFT. Less jeetery more rewards. only 0.05 ETH per NFT.

The Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Token Launch
  • NFT Roll-Out
  • Socials
  • CG/CMC Listing
  • Dashboard
  • DEXTTOOLS @ 200k MC

Phase 2

  • Staking
  • Marketing
  • Press-release
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Tier 1 Influencer @ 500K MC

Phase 3

  • 1000 holrder
  • Partnership
  • CEX Listing @ 25MC
  • LaunchPad at @ 1MC
  • Agrressive Marketing
  • VIP JEET Invite-only

The Team

Bonnie AvatarJeetShobi


Bonnie AvatarJeet Niko

Influencer's Marketing

Bonnie AvatarJeet Ma


Bonnie AvatarSheikh Jeet


Bonnie AvatarJeetElite



Still Have Any Questions?

Jeets Token is a fun and playful cryptocurrency created with the intention of having absolutely no utility. It's like a collectible for those who appreciate the humor and whimsy of owning a token that doesn't do anything. But remember, this is for entertainment purposes only, so don’t expect it to make you the next crypto mogul!

Disclaimer :Always DYOR. We are not responsible for losses, nor do we provide financial advice.